Saturday, April 14, 2012

Glam Girl Weekend Lust List

First, let me preface this list by saying that these items aren't meant to all go together and be worn at the same time—a fine cacophony that would make! They're just random items I've drooled over this week. Some are selling out, so I didn't want to wait until I could post each in a comprehensive and complementary "collection" of links and risk anyone missing out :) Have a glam weekend, girls!

$375 Milly Francesca Floral Dress

$895 Giuseppe Zanotti E26101 Alba

$1245 Dolce & Gabbana
Small Miss Sicily Top Handle Bag

$475 YSL Patent Zip Wallet

$70 Swash
Candy's Palace iPhone 4 case


Friday, April 13, 2012

Bloomingdale's Clearance Sale Starts!


As you probably already know, my favorite words in the English language are "Clearance Sale"—gets the pulse going, the mind skipping! Bloomingdale's Clearance Sale is now on, until Sunday night. I've only made it through handbags so far, and I have to say there are some really sweet deals happening. Talk amongst yourselves, I'm off to shop!

$298 $208.60 Sale ends 4/15/12
Cole Haan Village Eliza Satchel

$295 $206.50 Sale ends 4/15/12
DKNY Vintage Leather Top Handle

$930 $651 Sale ends 4/15/12
Longchamp Gatsby Exotic Satchel


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Talk Espadrilles

Okay, so espadrilles were really last summer's thing, but as anybody who has ever worn them knows, you can't beat them for comfort on a sizzling day. I was just told by my doc that I needed to get some to wear for medical reasons! Cool, huh? Well, not really; I got a case of plantar fasciitis out of nowhere and every other shoe currently hurts the bottom of my foot with every step. Barefoot hurts like blazes as well, so I have to wear shoes indoors, too. Doc said, for the next month or so, I could wear orthopedic shoes (yeah, right, NEVER gonna happen--what am I, 80?!), or high espadrilles. So, of course I went on an espadrille-buying spree at Endless. I know I'm on a supposed spending freeze, but they are medically necessary, right?! :) I only bought three four pairs and all were under $100, so I think I behaved pretty well. Here are the ones I liked best:

$275 Kate Spade
Lindsay Wedge Espadrille

I really, really wanted these, but couldn't
justify the price.

$75 $52.50
High Roller Wedge Sandal

Loved these and the price is right, so got them—
they also come in black and denim.

$43.50 Wild Diva
Maggie-17 Espadrille

Never heard of this brand before, but they're
super cute & cheap, so figured I'd give them
a shot. Also come in brown and camel.

$164.95 $82.48 Pelle Moda
Jamba Wedge Sandal

Gorrrgeous. Didn't get them, but still thinking
about them. Might still have to get them.

$79 Franco Sarto
Ambrosia Wedge Sandal

This comes in a slew of other colors as well. Franco Sarto shoes are usually good for my feet, but the Wild Divas won over these for me.

$89.95 $62.97 Naughty Monkey
Joshua Tree Wedge Sandal

I love these. Got them in this color, but they also come in black and burnt orange.

$99 $89.99 Nine West
Treston Sandal

I don't know if these are technically espadrilles, but they are so pretty, I couldn't help myself.