Monday, October 4, 2010

Makeup Musts: Shopping Sephora

I spent an eternity at Sephora this weekend. You know how it is — a Glam Girl candy store! I did have a specific quest: I have a photo shoot on Wednesday and I need to look flawless. Okay, fine, retouching is gonna take place, so it's more that I want to look flawless. And who doesn't? A fabulous makeup artist worked with me to find just what I needed and these are the goodies I walked away with:

$38 Smashbox
Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation

This foundation is a cream that turns into powder. For best application, stipple it on with a brush—you can go for light, natural coverage for the average day or full coverage for a photo shoot. Alternately, use a sponge. This product also works as a concealer if you use the tip of your finger, for those pesky undereyes, zits, discolorations, you name it. If you've got dry skin, you won't need powder with this at all. For combination/oily skin, I'd definitely recommend a quick whisk of powder. After the summer, my forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck are all slightly different in shade and this miraculously evened me out. It comes with its own little brush and mirror, for on the go, but I recommend a proper brush for use at home.
Score: A

Professionnel Mineral Powder Brush #45

This is the perfect multipurpose brush. I use mine to stipple on the foundation above, after which I wipe it on a paper towel and use it for the blush, repeat, and use it for powder. The bristles are synthetic and the softest you could imagine, without losing stiffness. It won't drop flyaway bristles on your face and cleans easily with a bit of dish detergent and water. It's been treated with a hypoallergenic antibacterial agent, so it also won't breed bacteria, causing your skin to have breakouts.
Score: A+

$28 Benefit Cosmetics CORALista blush

The most natural blusher I've ever met, for the fair to medium complexions. It's warm-peachy-rosy, just like the pic above (not like that swatch they have on Sephora's page, which looks pinkish). It goes on the apples of your cheeks in light, circular motions, and leaves you looking like you're in the health of your life, right after someone special gave you a kiss :) Comes with its own little brush, on the go, but I prefer the brush above. This is really for daywear and the natural look — for night, you'd probably want something a tad deeper.
Score: A-

$18 Dior
Best in Show Mini Mascara Duo

As you know, I rave about both DiorShow and DiorShow Blackout mascaras every chance I get. This duo is the best idea yet — instead of getting a full-sized one of either (10ml; $24 each), you get a half-sized (5ml) of each for $18. So, not only do you save $6, but you can choose which to use according to your mood (I like DiorShow for day and Blackout for that extra POW! for night). Moreover, the size makes them perfect for travel or for lugging around in your purse.
Score: A

Extra: While their supplies last, if you place an online order, you can choose 1 of 6 deluxe samples of Sephora's newest products. Enter code MYCHOICE at checkout. That's in addition to the 3 free regular samples you get to pick with every order. Yay for free stuff! :)


Shoeaddict said...

Oh, makeup, how I love thee!!! I need to try that blush. I'm fair skinned and don't have a great one at the moment.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, I happened to go to Sephora as well! They have great eyeliner. :)

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