Sunday, June 20, 2010

Princess Victoria Weds: A Swedish Royal Wedding

Few things are more glamorous than a royal wedding! Yesterday, June 19, 2010, the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to Daniel Westling, a commoner, took place in Stockholm. The 32 year-old, Yale-educated princess had been dating the 36 year-old gym owner for 8 years.

Princess Arriving.

Getting Ready to Enter the Church.

The wedding gown, designed by Pär Engsheden, was made of ivory silk satin. It had a rounded, off-the-shoulder neckline, which sloped to a discreet 'V' in the back, where it met with the train, 5 yards long. The waist had a wide band of silk, and the gown buttoned up in the back.

Entering on the Arm of Father, King Carl Gustaf.

Handing to the Groom; brother, Prince Carl Philip, smiles.

The cameo crown worn by Victoria, who will one day become Queen of Sweden, was originally given by Napoleon to his wife, Empress Josephine, in 1809. It was also worn by Victoria's mother, Queen Silvia, on her wedding day to King Carl Gustaf of Sweden in 1976.

The lace veil originally belonged to Queen Sofia of Sweden. It has been in the family for 150 years and is the same one worn by Princess Victoria's mother in 1976.

The Vows.

The Ring, a Diamond Eternity Band.

Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel

The teardrop-shaped wedding bouquet contained roses, orchids, lilies, azaleas, and lily-of-the-valley.

After church, the couple took to a carriage, which travelled through the streets of Stockholm, so that the thousands of onlookers could see the Princess and her new husband. The cavalcade included 78 horses!

After the carriage reached the harbor, the couple boarded the royal barge, "Vasaorden":

The sloop is a copy of an original built in 1773; it has a crew of 22.

The couple disembark and walk past the adoring populace to the castle, where their families await:

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Madeleine,
the Groom's parents, Queen Silvia, King Carl Gustaf.

From the balcony, the couple greeted the crowd and Princess Victoria addressed the nation:

Victoria's speech (translated from the Swedish by "Yours, Truly"):

Dear, dear friends: I will begin by thanking the Swedish people for having gotten me my prince. We, my husband and I, are so unbelievably happy and extremely grateful that so many wanted to be here to celebrate with us. This is a huge experience, for us the biggest day of our lives so far. To feel your support means more to us than you can ever understand. It is something unbelievable. Today is a day which we will carry with us in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Thank you!

At the wedding banquet, the guests gathered in a hall decorated with pink roses. The center table is nearly 100 feet long! On either side were 38 tables for those not royalty or foreign dignitaries. The menu consisted of items like lobster, truffle-caviar, veal, and of course champagne.

The beginning of the King's speech had everyone laughing.

The Groom's speech had the bride in tears.

It began: "Victoria, princess of my heart." He told a story of a time when she had to go for a state visit for thirty days, and he found a box from her, containing thirty letters to him—one for each day they'd be apart. "This story perhaps characterizes you best", he said. He continued by saying: "I love you, Victoria. I am so proud and happy to be your husband." At this point, the bride interrupted him with a kiss.

After dinner came the cake, which had 11 tiers and weighed over 550lb! On a meringue base, were over 100 handmade roses and 40 lilies. Inside, were things like chocolate nonpareilles, champagne mousse, and wild strawberry compote. The white cake was in a clover pattern. On top was the couple's monogram, made from sugar.

Next followed the traditional wedding waltz, after which the cameras were turned off and the festivities continued in private.

Congratulations and many happy years to the newlyweds!

Photos: Scanpix & Getty Images


WendyB said...

I've been wanting to design a cameo piece in honor of Josephine!

How I'd like to get my hands on that crown!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thanks heaps for all the time and info. What a perfect wedding, Lea.

G.G. said...

Wendy, I wish you could get a hold of that crown, too! I have such a weakness for cameos :)

aiya said...

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