Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Afford-a-Glam: Retro Dresses from ModCloth

For the Glam Girls who love vintage silhouettes from the 1940s to the 1960s, ModCloth is a treasure trove. Not every outfit is a homerun, so take a good look at customer comments. You can shop with confidence, however, since they have free returns and exchanges. Here are ones that pleased me most on my browse-through:

$194.99 Maven of Majorca

$67.99 With Flying Florals Dress

$99.99 Beach Picnic Dress

$52.99 About the Authoress Dress

$217.99 Brocade For You Dress

$99.99 Save The Date Dress

Also Modern Silhouettes:

$62.99 Kennebunkport Dress in Wake

$72.99 Boutique Browsing Dress

Plus-Sized Glam:

$54.99 Cross Your Sweetheart Dress

$164.99 Most Memorable Dress



Aire said...

Hi G.G.
Thanks for featuring ModCloth on your blog! We appreciate the support!

Aire @ModCloth

Roller shoes said...

it is a good share,wonderful post,thank you

Anonymous said...

i really don't like to read a blog that doesn't update at least once every 2 weeks, let alone for 2 months.

Michelle said...

Cute! They've got some great choices!

RSA Course said...

I would go absolutely bonkers if I had that red dress :) gorgeous!

aiya said...

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