Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fashion Crimes: Leighton Meester -- Tragic Girl

Leighton Meester demonstrated how a classically beautiful girl can, in one fell swoop, become fashion roadkill. She wore this god-awful getup, complete with dead cougar boots and enough makeup to shellac 15 pinup girls, last night at the release party for Robin Thicke's new album, "Sex Therapy" at NYC's Butter. There is a world of difference in looking cool and edgy, and looking like a two-penny you-know-what....

Photo: Getty


Alina said...

What happened Leighton?

She used to have such awesome style, lets just hope this is a bad night for her :(


Worthington said...

So so sooo sad. Her new stylist is awful. She has done a handful of events lately looking trashy, not classy. Did you see what she wore to the American Eagle party in NYC last month? EEEK. And don't get me started on this picture, with her fake beauty mark. Sad.

Alya said...

I think it was the makeup that doomed this outfit.. Otherwise I think she could have pulled it off..

By the way, I've got 2 skincare kits from Perricone MD to give away at my blog. Hurry, the contest ends Friday!

equestrian1 said...

As far as I am concerned, the silhouette created by this garment is asymmetrical and unflattering. I would say it is a glorified bag but at least bags have some symmetry.

G.G. said...

Alina, that would be good, but I think Worthington has got the right of it - it's gotta be a new stylist, or else she's trying to make a more grownup image, not realizing grownup doesn't have to mean trampy.

Thanks, Alya, will try to get there tomorrow :)

Glorified bag! I'm glad I wasn't drinking any coffee when I read that comment :D

aiya said...

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