Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Proposal" Opens Today!

I've been a Sandra Bullock fan ever since I can remember — there's something so likable about her. In addition to great gams and a smile that can brighten any day, she's got great comic timing. I love watching her, especially in romantic comedies. If you happened to see her on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday night (about half an hour ago, as I write this), you know she's got a killer sense of humor in real life as well. "Hot Sauce!" For those of you who missed it, you simply must YouTube it later today.

The plot of "The Proposal" centers around a tough-cookie Canadian career woman who gets notice that her visa is denied and that she's lined up to be deported. Her boss makes it clear to her that she's got to figure out a way to stay in the country. On the spur of the moment, she tells her boss she's engaged to be married to Andrew, her underling (played by the oh-so-yummy Ryan Reynolds). The charade takes them to his home in Alaska to meet his kooky family, and one funny thing after another ensues.

Don't miss this one, run to the theater :)


G.G. said...

By the by, saw it, and while it was pretty standard RomCom fare, it was good. Sandy's clothes were fab and Ryan Reynolds was lovely. It's definitely worth seeing.

Alya said...

I love Sandra! She's one of my favorite actresses, and can pull of the most comedic stunts!

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