Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Glam Reviews: Mascara, Eyeliner, Lipstick.

(~$8) CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara

First, let me say that I bought the one for green eyes. My eyes did not look brighter — rather, I looked like I had been crying for a day. Moreover, the mascara did nothing to either lengthen or thicken the look of my lashes, so all I had were my skinny-mini lashes, just plum colored. I was on my way to the movies, and we all know what a pain it would have been to take it off and put on another, so I went with it. When I got out of the movie theater, my lashes had barely anything left, and there was mascara dust on my undereyes and cheekbones.
Verdict: SLAM — save your $8 and buy something else instead.


(~$6) The CoverGirl LineExact Liquid Liner, however, is brilliant! It goes on so easily and accurately, and it stays put. I recommend getting it in "Brown" instead of "Black Brown", because the regular brown is really dark already. Avoid "Black", unless you're doing a 1960s mod cat eye. It just won't be classy.
Verdict: GLAM

(~$10) ColorStay Ultimate™ Liquid Lipstick, new from REVLON, blew me away. It doesn't dry your lips, as so many liquid and long-last lipsticks do; it's only "sticky" for a few minutes; doesn't feather/bleed, and it STAYS. In the interest of science, I even slept without taking it off, and it was not on my pillowcase. OK, fine, I was lazy :P — the point is, it is exactly what it promises. For those of you looking for a long-wear lipstick for your weddings, I'd say pick this one. Do note that it does not really have any shine, so pack a gloss as well. I bought "Grand Garnet" (as you know, I loves me some RED!). Check out their website for all the colors.



Alina said...

the line exact is great!

Black Pearl Girl said...

agreed about the eyelights mascara...i got the hazel, what a waste!

aiya said...

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