Friday, February 13, 2009

G.G.'s Valentine's Day Outfit

Glam Girl Nicole E. asked what I would be wearing on Valentine's Day and I debated a while whether to post on this or not — you know, anonymity and all, but I figured what would be the chances I'd

a) run into one of my readers who'd I.D. me based on my outfit and
b) that the said reader wouldn't be a perfectly lovely person whom I'd be delighted to meet.

So, caution to the wind, and here's what I'm wearing:

$405 Preen Line Fountain jersey T-shirt dress

This one sold out immediately (I was lucky!), but they're
getting more soon, so if you want it, keep checking daily.

$995 Christian Louboutin Hollywood platform sandals

The pic looks silver, but these are a blush colored metallic.

$495 Givenchy Black Diamond Necklace

To offset the "sweetness" of the outfit, I'm wearing this
necklace, to give it some edge.

$298 Mars & Valentine Faceted Petal Ring

As you see, there's a necklace too, but I don't like to be
too "matchy-matchy", so I'm only wearing the ring.

As for a bag, I'll be carrying a black vintage clutch from
the 1920s. My digital camera's out of batteries, so I can't
post a pic.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I love it - and want it - all. You are going to look simply lovely. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

G.G. said...

Aww thanks, CF :) Happy Cupid Day to you too!

Nicole E. said...

The shoes are gorgeous!!

patriciabeatriz86 said...

can i just say that your Singles Awareness Day dress is to die for. I absolutely adore it!


pbp :)

2010 Mrs Cue said...

Hey GG and all the other ladies. i'm new here just wanted to say a quick hello.

G.G. said...

Thanks, Nic & PBP :)

Welcome to the site, Mrs Cue!

Alina said...

Perfect outfit!! Love it :)

Little Bee said...

They are all gorgeous. Except for the necklace. Never a good idea to have that much edge to your neck. IMHO, It's totally OOP (out of place). Nice piece for an outfit with Jeans, though. Love you, Glam Girl. Mwah