Monday, February 16, 2009

Fall 2009 Fashion Runways: Preen

Most of the Preen Fall 2009 lineup looked... like HomeEc class, 1985. Ideas aside, construction for many garments was downright poor.

As for ideas, the designers had so fallen in love with cutouts that they permeated almost every garment, except for those that looked like someone had murdered the Abominable Snowman, or that sweet dragon from the NeverEnding Story. Designers Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton cited Sean Young's character from Blade Runner as one of their influences, but she wore 1940s styles throughout and this collection didn't have a single outfit to fit that bill.

Add in a leather getup that was the dominatrix version of Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C., and the authors not only mixed up their movie metaphors, but also turned out a collection where the taste level just wasn't there.

Outfits I liked:

If the fit around the model's left armpit was adjusted and her boob wasn't in imminent danger of being exposed, this dress would be sexy.

This mod sheath with a large houndstooth pattern is sleek and sophisticated.

Slightly on the homespun side, but it has a fascinating neckline.


While not my personal style, it would go over well on the clubbing scene.

Ones I particularly loathed:

Slain muppets make me queasy.

David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust years are over... no, really.

"Grrr... I left my whip where I crashed my motorcycle. Now lick my pumps, worm!"

"What's my name? What do you want it to be? And it's $300/hr, payment up front."

"I'm meeting with my coven tonight — later, we'll sacrifice a goat."

Plain Fugly.


"I had these two remnant pieces of fabric and I made this cool zigzag, and made some slits for arm holes. Pretty neat, huh?"

Free love, acid trips, modsters, and
Twiggy Fashion Tote, anyone?

Poor Construction:

Just look at how the seams pucker and bunch where the silver cutout meets the gray.

The satin curdles and cringes at each and every seam where it meets the mesh.

Collection colors:

Yep, except for those few up top, I despised this collection. It was amateurish and lacking refinement.

View the rest of the collection (at your own risk) at

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le parfait al said...

that's so funny. all the ones you hated the most, i loved. guess that's why you never know what's "in" for fashion. work it how u can! (:

G.G. said...

Yup, to each his own :)

patriciabeatriz86 said...

hahhaha... this is hilarious!

slain muppets ARE no fun!

:) pbp