Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fast Mojo? With This LBD, You Bet!

$198 French Connection 'Fast Mojo' Dress

I'm working on a post on Little Black Dresses but I couldn't wait to show you this one. I'm entirely in love with this dress! Just ordered it (nothing will get me to go to the stores this close to Xmas) :)


lee ashley said...

Very cute -- can't wait for the LBD post!

Kaitlin said...

That dress is cute. I almost got myself an adorable Vintage Little Black Dress on sunday when I went shopping at an antique mall. It was gorgeous and in great condition and only $10! My sister was with me and she was gonna buy it for me for christmas but when I went to try it on, even though it was really tiny and I thought it would fit me cause im tiny, I couldent get it zipped up cause it was too tight around my rib cage. The woman who wore it must have been really tiny because I only weigh 100! It made me sad that I dident fit in it. Oh well my sister is taking me shopping this week so she can buy me my christmas present. And I am gonna make sure I find myself a cute dress. I will stop babbling now.