Monday, December 8, 2008

Dita Von Teese Washes Away in Marchesa

Above, Dita Von Teese at the 2008 British Comedy Awards on Sat, Dec. 6; and Edythe Hughes wearing the dress in the Marchesa Spring 2009 RTW show.

I wasn't too thrilled about this pale pink, draped chiffon cocktail dress when I saw it in the Spring 2009 lineup in September. Just something about the foofy floral paniers stuck to the sides. Something "ostrichy" about them. I could look at pics of Dita anytime — if someone is going for retro glam with gusto, it is certainly Dita. But, somehow I'm even less pleased with this dress on her. The color (or lack thereof) just washes her out and it seems ill-fitted — the waist and bust droop to the point that I feel like saying, "pull the dress up so it sits right."

Photos: WENN


Worthington said...

I think Dita is a gorgeous example of retro-glam pinup hourglass shape. BUT I think she is too short-waisted and not long-torsoed enough to pull off this dress. I think the bodice fits her well enough. And the length is good... just funny with the white floral stuff on her hips!

Undergrad said...

As small as Dita's waist is, I think that the dress makes her appear somewhat hippy. Imagine what it would look like on an ordinary woman. Not a good design, for anyone.

FrigidBardot said...

Hi! I agree with Undergrad. Its a difficult dress to wear and altho Gorgeous Dita got away with it I'll bet she had an unpleasant evening sitting and standing up straight in accordance to the whims of the dress. I know she's used to it but I guess it meant no lasagne for dinner.