Monday, December 8, 2008

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows

When my sister and I were little, our mom and dad took us to see every Christmas window in town. I remember the sheer joy of senses bedazzled with looping railroads and twirling gumdrops, santas and sugarplum fairies, waving teddybears and marching toy soldiers. I haven't felt that kind of excitement and awe over a holiday window in years — partly because I'm a grownup now, sure, but I've had the sneaky feeling the design concepts have just been dull and done, if you know what I mean.

Macy's has a cool concept and rotating elements, but the Lord & Taylor windows are a downright bore. These windows are geared mainly towards the young tykes and I just wish the kiddies don't feel disappointed. Bergdorf's windows blew me away. They are a fairytale for grownups — magical dream visions that whisk you away to alternate realities. Window Master David Hoey's team have really surpassed themselves this year. I haven't felt this sense of wonderment since I was little. Here are a few pictures, yet they are but pale reflections of what these windows are like in person. Still, aren't these amazing?!












Photos: WireImage


Kaitlin said...

Oh my god! Those windows are gorgeous! I want to go too New York just to see them. Here in my small town in Indiana and any of the near by towns I dont think there are any windows too look at. How sad. My faves are the First, the second, the third and the sixth. Awesome windows. Thanks for sharing this, G.G.!

G.G. said...

Kait, it's a great place to visit around Xmas, although there are tons of tourists. Thanks for picking your favorites, it gave me the idea to add a poll at the bottom so everyone can vote :)

FrigidBardot said...

Beautiful! I've never been to NY but I can imagine the magic spell these window displays cast on the visiters. In Paris and London the X'mas windows are splendid too.
These Bergdorf Goodman displays remind me of The Chronicles of Narnia.
Thanks for this little dash of magic and festive cheer!

G.G. said...

Yes, there is something very Narnia about them. The fairytale in all of them is so engaging one can forget the cold, the economy, and all the other not-so-great things, even just for a moment. You're right, London and Paris windows are great too. I love how even the little stores are lit beautifully and just whisper Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year :)

FrigidBardot said...

GG X'mas is my favourite time of the year too. When I was little my parents took us to see the big Stores' X'mas lights too. Here in France the decos have always been traditional or linked with a certain fairy tale but now alas its often themed with the latest hit Disney movie. But its always awesome anyway.
Do excuse me for gatecrashing into your blog like this. I came across it by chance and find it irresistable. Its a little early I guess but Festive wishes to you and your readers! :)