Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas in the Republic

I've been feeling so Christmasy for a few days now. At first I thought it was temporary insanity, but then I realized it was only 6+ weeks till the big day and I'd better get started before all the best pressies and holiday outfits were gone. Today's goodies are all from Banana Republic. I like their clothes for their quality and timelessness, as well as their versatility — swap the accessories and you can dress them up or dress them down. What's more, to all the Glam Girls who've been asking me for "Meet the Parents" outfits lately, you can't go wrong with just about anything from BR.

$250 Wool trenchcoat - Rouge
(Online exclusive color)

$175 Cable-knit sweater dress
$140 Drake large quilted clutch

$34 Filigree chandelier earring

$98 Faux-fur neck warmer

$98 Button-tab knit dress

$39 Multi-chain bracelet

BR Monogram:
$175 Cashmere Sweater
$115 Silk Skirt

$49 3/4-sleeve pleated tunic

$34 Rhinestone teardrop earring

$150 Starburst dress

$120 Jeweled roll clutch

BR Monogram Collection
$175 Princess-sleeve dress

$275 Cashmere asymmetrical gown



The Stiletto Effect said...

If I had to buy one I'd choose the Faux-fur neck warmer (especially because its faux hehe)

lee ashley said...

I'm loving the fashion jewelry at BR more and more...some really nice pieces at super-reasonable prices.

Marina said...

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kokostiletto said...

oh god i love banana republic!!! i have to stop myself from going in there b/c i just want to buy stuff every time!

Earth Jeweler said...

I like shopping too. But this year, I will try to buy more from artists/crafters since I am selling my own stuff too. So many great creative things out there.

Siel. said...

woow I never like ALL the photo's that are showed

but now I do Ö

i think I like this blog :D

m said...

i love those! aw i can't wait for chirstmas :)

this is slightly off topic, but the dress was green so i thought of it: in monday night's episode of gossip girl, blair wore the most fabulous green dress which was high cut in the front and cut low in the back. i would love it if you could please find it maybe? or some less expensive alternatives? thanks if you do but if youre too busy that's fine too

Ash said...

Love the red trench. I have a red wool peacoat that is somewhat similar - just not as long obviously

kokostiletto said...

gosh i love banana republic so much!

Handmade Jewelry said...

The Wool trenchcoat is gorgeous and looks quite warm. I love the BR!