Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Week Watch: Malandrino S/S 2009 RTW

The seemingly effortless chic of the Parisian women is embodied in Catherine Malandrino's clothes. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of her label.

Malandrino always features flawless tailoring, sumptuous materials and exquisite details. So again this season, yet somehow the Spring/Summer 2009 seems a bit wan — no one piece screams "Buy me tomorrow!"

These were my faves:

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Alya said...

My favorite so far was Diane von Furstenberg.. To say I loved it is such an understatement!

G.G. said...

DVF is always such a class act. I'll get to posting it later, Fashion Week is such craziness I've barely time to breathe :D

Beauty Blabber said...

I like the kimono like coat, but I really can't see myself wearing, or buying any of these other pieces...
I love spending time with my dad too, but isn't Lucky Shops in Nov.?

G.G. said...

Sorry BB, LOL, you're right. I have no brain cells left. No sleep! Yes. Let me get back to you next week when I have my brain back :P