Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Sixteen from Net-a-Porter

I was extremely busy this week and didn't get around to the usual "Thursday 13" — I was pleasantly surprised at how many emails I got asking me what happened to it. So here, a few days late but a few items richer:

$1,720 Roberto Cavalli
Wool cardi-coat

$1,090 Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
Lace panel dress

$365 Diane von Furstenberg
Benny sheath dress

$250 Mike & Chris Mongomery jacket

$250 Marc by Marc Jacobs
Silk ruffle top

$290 Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Sunburst ballerina flats

Roberto Cavalli
$1,340 Appliqué cotton blouse

$265 Diane von Furstenberg
Camille pleat wrap top

$835 Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
Velvet pants

$1,995 Vera Wang
Floral print jacket

$700 Marc by Marc Jacobs
Torn print prom dress

$865 Christian Louboutin
Red Layered Satin Platforms

$820 Hanii Y
Mohair trapeze coat

$275 Pringle 1815
Frill sleeved blouse

$220 Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Geometric ballet flats

$460 Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hopscotch tweed jacket



WendyB said...

All of these so nice, I can't pick out a favorite.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Marc Jacobs dress. Definitely.

Paired with the Christian Loboutin shoes. Fo sho'.

Anonymous said...

love love love the christian louboutin red layered satin platforms. i usually am not a fan of platforms but these are sooo cute. however, what is up with the sheer roberto cavalli blouse? ewwwwww.

G.G. said...

Wendy - :)

CD - Yup. Definitely.

Anon - Could always wear a tank underneath :)

GucciGirl said...

The Alberta Ferretti dress is DIVINE. Love it...