Monday, August 11, 2008

Singing in the Rain: Marimekko Umbrellas

I hate rain. I wanted a new umbrella and guess what I found: authentic Marimekko "Unikko" poppy print umbrellas and one with the Marimekko signature stripe:

$40 Unikko Auto Open/Close Umbrella

$40 Unikko Auto Open/Close Umbrella

$40 Piccolo Auto Open/Close Umbrella

I think I'll get the red and pink one — a bit of cheer to brighten gloomy days.


Beauty Blabber said...

I love the pink & red one!
Do you know if they're selling it anywhere other than

G.G. said...

Callie -- They are also sold

for $49 at Estella on 6th Ave in NYC

for $40 at FinnStyle in Minneapolis

I couldn't find other places in the US offhand. Perhaps a local Marimekko concept store may carry them as well