Thursday, August 28, 2008

Serena's Purple Tote Bag in Gossip Girl Season 2

Well, the new season starts on Monday (yay!), but shooting pics have been trickling in steadily since filming started. When I saw this gorgeous purple bag, I had to post it now so that those who want it can get it. It's the Bryna Nicole Loyola Satchel in violet, which retails for $539.



Anonymous said...

hey have you seen the fantastic karen millen purple bag???
great english store with several branches across the us, go check it out

Anonymous said...

check it out on their web site

preppy little dress said...

not sure i am loving this tote, not a huge fan of purple - but serena makes it cute!

Anonymous said...

i love the boots
does anyone know
who they are by?

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