Sunday, August 10, 2008

Make Mine Purple, Part II: Shoes

$695 Giuseppe Zanotti
Tricolor satin wedges

$1,025 Roberto Cavalli
Jewel bow platforms

$650 Sergio Rossi
Two-tone sandals

$640 Brian Atwood
Rida satin sandals

$895 Marc Jacobs
Butterfly shoe boots

$690 Bottega Veneta
Suede platform pumps

$650 Miu Miu
Jeweled banana flats

$71.47 STEVEN by Steve Madden
Binning Open Toe Pump

$89.95 Nine West
Caparinia Pump

$79.95 Luichiny
Krystal Sandal

$144.95 Boutique 9
Giganta Mary Jane

$149.95 STEVEN by Steve Madden
Dereka Platform Pump

$59.95 Tribeca
Net Prime Pump

$89.98 Nine West
Osterige Pump

$52 Not Rated Zip It

1,065 Georgina Goodman
Fifi Leather Boot

$159.95 Nine West
Markeson Bootie

$640 Diane von Furstenberg
Suede Pharaoh Boot

$89.95 Steve Madden
Bonanza Tall Flat Boot



WendyB said...

Now that I think of it, I've never owned purple shoes.

G.G. said...

No?! I have two pair and I think I might just need to make that 3 :)

Bethany said...

I owned a pair of metallic purple Irregular Choice shoes! I loved those things, and purple is my favorite color! I like how you included some absolutely swoon-worthy affordable alternatives. Usually when magazines do that, the affordable ones look cheap and plasticy, but that first Steven by Steve Madden pump is absolutely gorgeous!

kokostiletto said...

again - graet picks! like wendy b i don't have purple shoes either... but that is going to my goal - to pick some up - for fall 2008!

mary said...

Those Miu Miu flats are perfection in a flat.... I have a tragic addiction to platform shoes as well.

Beauty Blabber said...

Love the Steve Madden boots, remind anyone of the grey CL boots Serena wore in Poison Ivy?
Thinking about getting the Luichiny to match a black dress for a benefit I'm going to in two weeks. The rosette on the shoe matches the deep purple accents in the dress. Divine.
And I ordered the Marc Jacobs Butterfly shoe boots a few weeks ago, they came yesterday and I'm traipsing around in them, a norm for new shoes (for me) :).
Great picks;)

G.G. said...

Bethany - I have those shoes! I love Irregular Choice! And thanks for the compliment -- I love a cheap shoe, I just don't want them to look cheap :)

Koko - absolutely!

Mary - "tragic addiction to platform shoes" had me guffawing with laughter. Well put :D

Callie - Yes! The gray flat boots Serena wore. That was my first impression too. I love this color even more I think. Plum suede... DROOL!

Kasmira said...

Honestly, purple looks AWFUL on me, but I can still wear it on my feet. I found the most PERFECT purple shoes for this fall: Two Lips Martini. It's sold out in most sizes already!

G.G. said...

Kasmira - XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO! I was able to find almost every size at Zappos, and I got myself a pair. I love them! So 1920's!

siel said...

nice :)

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