Monday, August 4, 2008

Calvin Klein Secret Obsession TV Ad Banned!

Seriously, something is wrong with this country. American TV networks are refusing to air the TV commercial for the new Calvin Klein perfume, Secret Obsession. Both the print and TV ad campaigns feature Eva Mendes, sensuously nude but discreetly covered. This is simply another photo shoot inspired by the 1962 Marilyn Monroe "Last Sitting" by photographer Bert Stern. I don't see anything wrong with the photos or the commercial, in fact, I think they're beautiful.

We're in the year 2008, not 1908, you puritanical TV Executives!

To judge for yourselves, watch the banned video at

What do you think?



funnyface said...

They think its scandalous because you can catch a glance at her nipple...I always find it funny, why is it that the nipple is always blurred out isn't that something every human being is supposed to have? I don't love of hate the commercial, haven't they learned that when they ban something the internet is a step ahead of them, and it just makes people want to see it more.

eye in the sky said...

its so beautiful it can't be pornographic.

kokostiletto said...

there are definetely way worse things on tv - um hello - certain music videos are way more graphic than that!

Ronja said...

while I don't have a problem with it, I see why TV would. Nipples are still a no-no and CK is not so special that they get to be an exception to the rule.