Thursday, July 10, 2008

Return to the City and a Speech about Sun Damage

Hello Glam Girls! I got back from the beach Sunday night, but I needed a few days before returning to posting. The week was spent lazing about in the sun, hanging out with friends, attending a few parties, eating good food, reading books, and watching movies. In other words, it was perfect. I hope all of you had a great week as well :)

I discovered a new favorite product: Coppertone Continuous Spray UltraGuardicon. It's a 70+ SPF that goes on as a mist — no rubbing involved, and it makes the skin shiny, so you know you've covered every spot. The shine also looks brilliant on arms and legs, let me tell you.

For those of you who are wondering why 70+ instead of a lower SPF, it's simple: I read that the spots you see on your grandmothers' and perhaps your mothers' hands and arms, sometimes called "age spots" or "liver spots", are actually sun damage. Something about aging makes our skin's melatonin more susceptible as we get older, and spots start developing. And as we all know, sun exposure also leads to wrinkles. Spots, wrinkles, not for me, thank you very much. Furthermore, actors should never tan much (unless doing a surfing movie) because the skin can easily look sallow on camera. This way, I didn't burn and I got only the lightest of tans.

Anyway, let me get off my skin protection soap box. I've got lots to catch up on with you Glam Gals, so expect a slew of posts in the coming days.

xoxo, GG

P.S. I got a few hundred emails, so don't despair if I haven't gotten back to you yet. I will :)

Pin-up girl by Enoch Bolles from the August 1932 cover of Film Fun Magazine.


Worthington said...

good for you GG with the preaching! It's all for the sake of long-lasting beauty! (btw, the wedding is this weekend, thanks for the input on the silk dress!!)

Bethany said...

I must say, I wish you had posted this entry last weekend. I got a terrible burn while riding in my boyfriend's convertible.