Monday, July 21, 2008

PosePrints Celebrates 1st Anniversary!!

Remember PosePrints? They have customizable invitations and stationary with a twist — you can choose your background, make up a model from scratch by picking skintone, hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories, and fill in with any text you want! They were fabulous a year ago and they are even better now, with more customization options and nifty ideas. Here's a mockup of a possible invite:

Go play with the customizer, it's fun! And right now you can get 15% off everything with the code "happy1year". Happy Birthday PosePrints!



Anonymous said...

I ordered some of these cards after you posted on them last time...came out so cute, LOVE them!

shoeaddict said...

Those are SO cute! I wish I had a house (I typed HOSE first, ahhh, funny, I'm easy) to throw a housewarming. Or something. I do not. Sigh.