Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Irregular Choice is a Great Choice

As you know by now, I love shoes that are unusual, that have something out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, that often involves a huge price tag. That's why I love the UK brand Irregular Choice — uncommon shoes at a common price. I'm very partial also to the pretty soles — I just about cried when the little dutch girl at the bottom of my pink kitten heels finally wore off.

Here are my current favorites:

$124 Irregular Choice Rocki Zappos

$124 Irregular Choice Sky Fox Zappos

Irregular Choice Mermaid
$114.95 (Black, blue, pink) Endless
$119.00 (Black, baby blue, red) Zappos

They're sold at Zappos and Endless, and I've also seen them in a few boutiques. In the UK, you can shop irregularchoicestore.co.uk. The company's US web store is under revamp and I wish they'd hurry it up, because the exchange rates right now are murder.


Emy said...

I love irregular choice! I just bought I new pair last week, I love them!

Elisabeth said...

I love Irregular Choice; I have this pair:



G.G. said...

Those are adorable! I don't recall that pair being available on this side of the pond. I don't understand why they only sell 1/8 of their line in the States. Before the exchange rate got so bad for us, I would buy my favorites from the UK store and have them shipped here. Next time I'm in London, rest assured one of my suitcases will be empty just so I can buy shoes :)