Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glam Handbags for Fall 2008

I've been asked so many times what handbags I'm considering for the Fall, so here's my list. You've no doubt seen some of these already highlighted in previous posts :)

Top 3 Contenders:

$1,195 Marc Jacobs Blake classic bag

Baby blue patent, it's got two zip pocket compartments and a center compartment which closes with a button. It's roomy and dreamy.

$1,900 Chloé Saskia small tote

The pic does not do it justice, it's a yummy plum and I have such a thing for purple this Fall. The shoulder strap is detachable, so you can just carry it by the lucite handles. Kate Bosworth has this bag. I'm not sure that influences my decision one way or the other, but thought I'd mention it.


$1,400 Roberto Cavalli
Madison expandable satchelicon

This has to be the coolest bag ever. One moment it's a satchel, then "whoops, I need more room", and it becomes a tote. Brilliant. I dunno if you can tell in the pic, but it's actually black on black leopard. Thoroughly divine.

Bags also under consideration:


$1,595 Mulberry Milton shoulder bag

$525 Gustto 'Fronce Rona' Bag

$1,780 Chloé Bay leather bag


$845 Longchamp 'Rodeo Luxe' Shopper

$2,170 Alexander McQueen
Stamped leather tote

$1,250 Versace Purple Patent Toteicon



the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Do you believe in the concept of soulmates and past life G.G? I do.

And I truly believe that that last Versace bag there was my soulmate. In my past life. When I was a concubine. To a wealthy merchant in Venice. Circa the 16th century.

And the only thing standing in between me and my soulmate....ahem, I mean the bag is the lack of dough. And a wealthy Venician merchant.

Le sigh


In other words, I want that bag.

WendyB said...

Nothing screams "buy me" to me, personally, but I do like that light blue patent.

mary said...

You have the bets taste in bags, I love the blake (I think I';m getting the more reddish colour though) and the purple one is FABULOUS.

Bethany said...

I agree with WendyB...nothing really does scream "buy me," but I like that Versace Patent Tote and the Marc Jacobs Blake bag.

Redhead said...

I've been in love with the ChloƩ Bay leather bag since it popped up on Net-a-porter. I love the shade of purple! If you have the 2k for it, get it!

shoeaddict said...

You know the one I love!

VIVI said...

I will buy any of these bags if I can buy them on sales.

Anonymous said...

The Roberto Cavalli bag is genius, and I can't wait for mine to arrive!
As a side note, did you buy all of these bags? Wow, what do you do for a living?

G.G. said...

Hi Anonymous,

The first sentence of the post says these are the "handbags I'm considering for the Fall" -- I haven't yet bought a single one of them -- I haven't made up my mind :)

kate said...

lol, those handbags are amazing, how will you ever choose one? Then again, they are quite expensive, I wouldn't be able to afford them. If only, if only.
Dear Fairy Bagmother,
Please consider my wish for one of those fab 2008 fall bags. I would love you forever:)
kate (k, katie kins, whatever suits your fancy (or fendi)
^lol, I'm gonna repeat that every night b4 bed.
Hopefully the fairy bagmother is real;)

Kate said...

I dunno if anyone's interested, but I just found a look-alike for the Marc Jacobs 'Blake Classic Bag'. It's actually more of a teal then the baby blue, but it is quite similar. For $45 it's a steal, although I would much rather have the Marc Jacobs;)
I found it at It's under 'Accessories', then 'Handbags, and is on the 6th pg top row, second from the right. It's name is 'Elrondine'
love, kate.