Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Is The Right Thing to Wear for a Wedding, a Party, a Picnic?

These questions flood my inbox every day, and I'm not surprised. Often, the invite only states something cryptic like "semi-casual", or when you ask the hostess, she responds, "not too fancy." If it's an event you've never attended before, you can belly-ache over showing up either over- or under-dressed.  Everyone has been in this situation before.

Well, help is on the way.

This has to be the most brilliant thing I've heard of in a good long while: STYLEFIX at Net-a-Porter! They list outfit suggestions from head to toe for various events ranging from 'High Society' to the basics, from workwear to vacations, cocktail parties to weddings. And if the outfit suggestions still leave you wondering, they have an 800-number where you can call and have your questions answered in person.

Bravo, NAP!


Lee Ashley said...

This is GENIUS!!! My latest fashion dilemma was: what to wear to an outdoor, poolside, memorial service. No joke! This website will help girls like me!

G.G. said...

Wow. Outdoor, poolside memorial service? I would have panicked, had you emailed me and asked what to wear :D

shoeaddict said...

How much would I love to work that 800 number! How great and fun.

I always think, for me, that it's better to be over-dressed than under.

What bag(s) are you buying for the Fall/Winter? Shapes? Colors? I realized while looking through my collection last night that I have no solid black large bags.

I have been really in love with my medium leather grass green bag that I got for my birthday. I can't carry it in the Fall though. I love a satchel so I'll probably look for one in black. But then I get distracted by the pretty, pretty colors...

G.G. said...

ShoeAddict -- I agree, over is better than under.

I love your green bag, but you're right, it's not for winter. Same with my summer colors.

I want a black frame bag, a very classic one. Haven't found one that I want since my Zac Posen was snatched under me. My heart is still bleeding. I'm also thinking a lovely blue and maybe a grape. That Chloe is still calling my name, and that McQueen from NAP... I'll post on my top choices over the weekend, since I'm still not 100% decided.

G.G. said...

snatched from under me, I meant to say :D

Lee Ashley said...

Oooh, yes.... I am totally in the market for a black bag, too. And I agree about the Chloe; it's beautiful. FYI: I wore a printed, empire-waist tunic with white ankle pants and silver sandals. And LOTS of sunscreen!