Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wendy Brandes Jewelry: Fit for a Queen




This post is long, long overdue. I've been reading Wendy Brandes' Blog religiously for about a year now. Wendy is a fine jewelry designer who, in addition to conjuring up the most exquisite and fearless jewelry, also possesses a razor-sharp wit combined with a quirky sense of humor which will have you laughing in a most unladylike manner at most inopportune times (i.e., do not read her blog while drinking coffee. Your keyboard will thank you).

Every so often, Wendy delights her readers with her "Book Club" posts — retellings of the biographies of famous women in history. These posts are ingenious; while containing heaps of historically accurate biographical data, Wendy's recountings are hysterically funny, so no fear of heavy classroom type historical overload. I always devour these posts, both on ladies with whose biographies I'm intimately familiar and the ladies whose names I've barely heard mentioned — they are the best entertainment on the Web. What's more, many of Wendy's jewelry creations are inspired by these very same queens, empresses, and wonder women.

The latest book club entries were on Empress Matilda (Read them here) who, for a mere instant in 1141, was Queen of England. Wendy's Matilda Necklace is a nod to the warrior queen: it is a sword which pulls out of its scabbard!

Now this necklace would be worth a battle to get, don't you think?!

-> Wendy's posts on Queens
-> Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Photos used with permission.


WendyB said...

ZOMG! Thanks for the love. I was just moseying on over here to see what was new and didn't expect to see myself!

Elisabeth said...

She does have the most gorgeous things!

G.G. said...

Wendy - what can I say, I'm a tricksy little hobbit :D I ask for permission weeks ago and then BAM, just when you've forgotten... tehee :)

Elisabeth - Absolutely! Have you seen the Gloriana necklace for Queen Elizabeth?

shoeaddict said...

I, too, read Wendy's blog and drool over her jewelry. I LOVE the poison rings.

Liv said...

I love that I have the name of Roman Empresses who are very naughty. Means I don't have to live up to much!!

Love the Livia ring. And not just because that's my name.

Redhead said...

I love the sword!

Lady Language said...

She is divine and I do love reading her blog. This is a very nice post about her. I am glad I found your blog too!

Anonymous said...

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JewelryKind said...

I'm a fan of Wendy's jewelry