Friday, June 20, 2008

Royal Ascot Ladies' Day 2008 -- Wild, Wild Hats

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Yesterday was the day all of us 'provincials' wish we were English — Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot. The third of the five days of Royal Ascot races, the day on which the Gold Cup race is run, is the day when the whos-is and the wish-they-were parade hats and outfits fancy and fantastical. Without further commentary, the ladies and their hats:

Princess Beatrice

Princess Eugenie

Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Cilla Black

Miss England and her Porkpie Hat

Not every gentleman understands the hat craze:

Which one would you wear?

Photos: WireImage


Worthington said...

Gracious! I am surprised that Princess Eugenie would choose a hat so similar to the one Camilla wore when she married Prince Charles... nonetheless, I LOVE Princess Beatrice's hat, as well as the wide-brimmed grey ostrich feather hat (3 from the bottom up). Lovely while also being a bit tongue-in-cheek outgoing...

Lavon said...

I would wear the one with all the butterflys. I am sure I would come home with some extra butterflys.

WendyB said...

Am I the only one who wants Prince Philip's hat?

Victória said...

Hi i'm from Brazil and i love your page.

I want ask to you
Please new post about chothes of Gossip Girl

G.G. said...

Hi Victória and welcome to the Glam Guide! Well, 'Gossip Girl' is on summer break here, so we won't see new episodes until the end of September, but I'll do a few "inspired by" posts for everyone who is having withdrawals :)

G.G. said...

I had to think about this for a while, but I would also pick the dark gray ostrich plume hat (3rd from bottom). The drama, the glamour!

Wendy, <3 you!

Alya said...

The shy girl in me would go for some of the 'understated' ones like Eugenie and Beatrice.. But the "flaunt it" girl in me wants to wear the big purple butterfly thing!

I also liked Cilla Black's hat..

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