Thursday, June 19, 2008

Glam Seeker: Michelle Obama's Black & White Print Dress on the View

Michelle Obama co-hosted The View yesterday and my aunt called me immediately, asking me to find her gorgeous B & W flower print dress. It is fabulous, I agree. I haven't been able to find it for her. Does anyone know who it's by and where to get it?

Oh, it'll be so great for our generation to have our own Jackie Kennedy — a beautiful, intelligent, classy and stylish first lady.


Glam Girl Rayo found it! Thank you!



Rayo said...

She said she got it from White House Black Market

G.G. said...

Rayo, you ROCK! Thank you!

G.G. said...

10 Minutes the post was up. Wow!

Chanelle said...
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funnyface said...

It actually sells for $99 on Donna Ricco's website.