Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fashion Crimes: Sienna Miller at Edinburgh Film Festival

Fashion intervention! Sienna Miller turned up at the Edinburgh Film Festival on Wednesday wearing a goth scarecrow getup. She could have taken pointers from Keira Knightley, her costar in the upcoming film "The Edge of Love", the story of two women who are both in love with poet Dylan Thomas. Now Sienna looked liked she should be starring in a film titled "The Edge of Argh!"

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WendyB said...

I would like the fringe-y thing if it were a bit shorter and worn with no hat.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Is Keira wearing a jumpsuit?


Lydia said...

Wow. When the page first loaded - I thought "hey - that hats not too bad!" Then I scrolled down and now I'm thinking "WTF?!"

G.G. said...

CD - Keira wore a white vest and white slacks. The lighting washed them out in the pic.