Saturday, June 21, 2008

Afford-a-Glam: Red & White Dress

Glam Girl Alexis wrote, asking if I could find her a bargain dress, similar to the one Cameron Diaz wore for the Crystal + Lucy awards this week. The dress is gorgeous, but I didn't come up with many alternatives, I'm so sorry:

$69 Ruby Rox
Border-Print Party Dress

$59 Ruby Rox
Floral Poplin Babydoll Dress

Photo: Getty


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

OMG!! That dress Cami have on is GLOOOOOOOOORRRIOOOUSSSS.

She seems to like red a lot. There always sometging red on her? Red shoe OR lipstick OR bag OR other. Always something red. Which is good coz she looks great in it.

G.G. said...

It certainly is a power color and it takes self-confidence to wear it. She is gorgeous, and I have to give props to whoever her stylist is. Her clothes are usually very well selected.