Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Afford-a-Glam: 1950's Chic Cheaply


$9.50 Cotton Candy Sunglasses
$34.50 Nellie Skirt
$32 Bonnie Flat
$32.50 Kyra Top
$39.50 Lark Cardigan Sweater

Glam Girls, just because you're no longer in your teens doesn't mean you can't buy some Juniors items. What I love about dELiA*s online store is that they take the guesswork out of sizing. You type in your measurements, they tell you what size to buy. Compared to other "teen" stores, their quality is surprisingly good, and the prices are easy on the pocket book. Plus, shopping online nobody can say, "what is that thirty-something doing in a teen store" :D

$9.50 New Frontier Sunglasses
$3.99 Jeweled Headband
$44.50 Helena Eyelet Dress (also in black)
$22.50 Tulip Hobo
$32 Bonnie Flat


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