Sunday, June 29, 2008

Afford-a-4th: Independence Day BBQ Outfit

Glam Girl Megan wrote saying she needs help finding an outfit to a 4th of July barbecue with her boyfriend's family, whom she's only met once briefly. The criteria are: "a good outfit to wear that is both patriotic, fashionable, but that won't make me look like an idiot showing up to a BBQ in (plus they live out in the country)", "something very Audrey Hepburn-esque", plus Megan is a student and doesn't want to spend too much.

I can totally see how hard it is to come up with just the right thing — having searched online for the past 2 hrs, I concur there aren't a lot of choices, because

A) You want to look cute, yet not too fancy, but also not like you're going to a hoe-down.

B) You're meeting your boyfriend's parents and want to make a good impression, and everything seems to be either too low-cut and too short or the other extreme, dowdy.

C) When you do find a dress that would suit otherwise, it's in the $200 range, instead of in the under-hundred range.

Here are a couple of suggestions I did come up with. I'd also check out H&M — they had cute sundresses last I was there, but they don't have an online store (at this day and age)! Just stick to the parameters of nothing too sexy, too lowcut, or too short (just above the knee is perfect). Tall order, with what's out there right now.

Cotton Sundress:

$19.99 Sweet Emma Floral Dress - JCPenney
$23.99 St. John's Bay Tassel Tote - JCPenney
$24.95 Eyelet Espadrille - American Eagle

I'd wear a silver necklace and a cuff bangle with this outfit.

Cotton Shirtdress:

$39.99 Cotton Shirtdress - Victoria's Secret
$19.95 Crochet Cami Sack - American Eagle
$32.95 Gotta Flurt Wedge - Endless

You could wear either gold or silver jewelry with this dress.

Patriotic (though less conservative):

$39 Squareneck Babydoll Dress - Victoria's Secret
$26.50 Holly Striped Hobo - Delia's
$39.99 Not Rated Bow Down Wedge - Endless

Again, either gold or silver jewelry will work.



shoeaddict said...

I like the idea of a shirtdress. It's very appropriate. The navy wedges are so cute. I may have to buy them.

Michelle said...

Cute options! I like that yellow shirtdress.

chrissie said...

I love that yellow outfit, too!

Thank you so much for updating regularly like this again. I know we all really appreciate how much work you put into this blog. Seeing a new entry up always makes my day!

G.G. said...

Aww (#^_^#) Thanks Chrissie, you just made mine :)

Anonymous said...

yay!!! i second chrissie...thanks soo much g.g.

Always In Style said...

Gosh, that Delia's hobo is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is awesome, thanks! C:

Shopaholic D said...

love your first outfit the most-est!

:) D