Thursday, May 15, 2008

Glam Review: Philosophy "The Present"

Well, it's not quite clear to me whether Philosophy meant the name, The Present, to mean that it's a present for womankind, or it helps you hold on to the present, but either way, I ended up interpreting it as "Clear and Present Danger."

A makeup base that goes on under foundation to "form an invisible barrier that 'seals in' moisture", "The Present Clear Makeup" claims to give the user "perfect, airbrushed skin." Well.

I put it on my clean face and waited more than the requisite 2 minutes for it to "set", after which I applied my foundation. But darnation and dandelions! The base made a sticky film all over my face, to which the foundation presently glued in unsightly streaks. I admit that my face looked a lot smoother, but the makeup sure didn't.

I could see using the product if you're doing heavy stage makeup, but definitely not if you're on your way to a photo shoot or film set (which I was). I had to remove it and start from scratch.

Review: C-


Lydia said...

Well, that sucks! And I typically LOVE their stuff!

G.G. said...

I know, me too!

KT said...

I have the MOST amazing primer:
Lorac aquaPrime
$30.00 for 1.53 ounces at
Free shipping and you get to pick 3 free samples!
I seriously start to get nervous if I think I am running low, even though a small tube lasts for a while. I have it set up on auto-delivery so I can avoid running out!

G.G. said...

Auto-delivery! Could you see my ears perk up? :D Excellent, I'll order some right now and try it, thanks KT!