Friday, May 16, 2008

Fashion News: Charles by Charles David Knocks Off Marimekko

Charles by Charles David "Bloum"icon

You may remember my rant on Dolce & Gabbana Knocking Off Marimekko. D & G used a pirated fabric, which looks like Marimekko's famed Unikko ® pattern, which was first launched by the Finnish textiles firm in 1964.

Marimekko ® "Unikko" (Poppy)

Now Charles by Charles David is following suit. I don't know whether they believe they are ripping off D & G or whether they knowingly infringe on the creative property of Marimekko — either way, they are unprincipled fashion pirates who deserve to be flogged!

Don't get me wrong, I think the shoes are gorgeous. Had they actually used a Marimekko fabric under license, I would have already bought this shoe and been telling you to do the same. However, grown wise to the deplorable antics of fashion thieves, I first emailed my contact at Marimekko in Finland.

They had not been aware of the existence of this product until my email. Marimekko's representative confirmed that "the fabric used is not an authentic Marimekko fabric, nor is it part of any cooperative licensing agreement with Marimekko."

There you have it. Charles by Charles David joins my black list. I am disgusted! I have nothing against people buying "inspired by" items, but there is a difference between "inspired by" and "stolen from."  I would rather chop off my feet than wear shoes which were so obviously an act of thievery!

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Photo sources: 1. Charles by Charles David at Nordstrom. 2. Marimekko website. Images used for illustrative purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. If you object to the use of your image, please email and I will remove immediately.


WendyB said...

That's a bold knockoff, alright.

The Style Page said...

Hey, thanks for telling me that the D&G Dolce & Gabbana dress ripped off Marimekko's Unikko print. Charles David is ripping off Manolo Blahnik's shoes that use Marimekko prints.

I've added you as a friend on BlogCatalog and will subscribe to your blog via Bloglines.

the princess said...

i like these. funky fresh.

gg, about the dress. she doesn't care if it's long or short. just black. let me know where to e-mail more details. you are the best. thanks.

the princess said...

found the email.

shoeaddict said...

Oh, damn and these shoes are so so fab! Knockoffs really suck.

Petra said...

hey gg!
i just have to say, as a finnish reader of your blog, that it is so cool you're actually bringing these things to light. in finland our aspect on fashion is very different from for example americans' or italians', cos we always have to fight with "the bigger fashion countries". that's why especially for us finns, this (and also of course the D&G knockoff) is infuriating. let's hope the subject is brought to wider attention cos i really wanna hear what david and D&G have to say for themselves.
keep doing the agent thing alright!
xoxo, petra

jackson said...

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Bead Up said...

i first noticed this print in the apartment of the project runway, season 2 contestants. i kept it on my dvr for forever just as a frame of reference though never knew the name. i stumbled upon it today and, seriously, my fashion life has changed!