Sunday, May 11, 2008

Been Shopping 'Til Dropping

I did some online shopping earlier in the week and yesterday Gabs and I did some serious shopperobics in the stores. Here's my pirate's booty all laid out:


The Original Car Shoe Handbag; sold at select Nordstrom's stores. Entirely too expensive, but had to. I've been looking for just the right pink bag to sate my late hunger for pink and when I saw her, it was love at first sight! I actually hung her from my bedpost the first night, so I could stare at her until I fell asleep. Okay, now you all think I'm a weirdo :P Does anyone else ever fall in love with things in that way? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

$28 Voile Bow Tank ArdenB

I got the white and the kelly green.

$48 Necessary Objects
Printed Sateen Skirticon Nordstrom

I love wearing skirts all summer, and this one is very versatile, casual, yet stylish enough that nobody (except you Glam Gals) will know it's under $50.

Sale $134.40 L'Autre Chose Shoes
Ribbon Open Toe Espadrille Shopbop

$52 Velvet Torch
Cowl Neck Dressicon

Perfect for running around town on hot days, or for taking along when going to the beach.

$101 Bailey 44
'Clam Shell' Topicon

$278 Elie Tahari

Girls, this skirt does amazing things for your waist, making it seem narrower, and also makes your legs seem longer because the line of sight continues higher.

$450 Miu Miu
Leather gladiator sandals Net-a-Porter

$328 Black Halo
Jackie-O Dress Tobi

Yes, the Little White Dress still holds sway. This modern take on the 1950s wiggle dress ensnared me the second I saw it. It looks fantastic on!

I'm going to a friend's beach house until Tuesday night, so nobody panic when you don't see posts from me for a few days :) Have a great beginning week everyone!



chrissie said...

Wow! What a successful round of shopping! I always love your taste in everything.

Constant Drama said...

YES!!! I do that too!

I am so in love with my skirt that I hung it across the room, stare at it and generally just sigh whenever I lay my eyes on it. Coz its soooooooo purrrrdy.

You are not alone G.G, you are not alone =D

WendyB said...

That clamshell top is sexy!

Fabulously Broke said...

I LOVE the pink bag you bought, the white voile tank with the bow and the white dress at the bottom

So HOT... man. makes me wanna shop LOL

Mark Kaminsky said...

These are great posts! Love the clothes!

Anonymous said...

What do you do for work that you earn so much money for shopping? These clothes are gorgeous but on my salary, I couldn't get all of this in one trip!

Valley Girl said...

OMG. I love, love, love the purse and I've been dying for the Halo dress ever since it came out! Lucky girl!

Liv Taylor said...

FANTASTIC pink purse. It's delicious.
Enjoy the beach!! I can't wait to visit my fam on the east coast this summer!!

mary said...

The pink bag is BEAUTIFUL. I love it all, those sandals are fabulous, as are the clam shell shirt and the tie waist skirt.

Enjoy your beach hosue!

Anonymous said...

I think I could easily fall in love with that little white dress.

Worthington said...

i want to marry the car show handbag. *gulp*

G.G. said...

Chrissie - ty :)

CD - Thank goodness, I don't feel so alone now!

Wendy - I'll only use it for doing good :D

Fab - You're saving up! Stay strong!

Mark - ty :)

Anon - I don't shop like this every month, trust me!

Val - I had thought about getting the black one, but then they put out the white one and it was history for me! I just hope I can keep it white, being the klutz that I am... It's every bit as nice as it looks in the photo, so I do recommend it.

Liv - Thanks, I had a great time. Part of the time was cold and windy and rainy, but today was so beautiful. And the beach is always the beach, no matter the weather, right? :)

Mary - Thanks :)

XSummer - I totally recommend it!

Worthington - LOL, you can't, she's not old enough to marry yet and I'm too possessive anyway :D

Diana Coronado said...

luvly !! keep bloggin` girl !!