Monday, April 21, 2008

ZUHL Couture Ads: The Fashion Surprise of the Year

Browsing my glossies in bed, I ran across this ad in the midst of garden variety wholesome DKNY and Ralph Lauren ads. "What the H___?!?"
I said, out loud (but as you see, here on the blog I pretend to be a lady, so I couldn't type out what I said). Immediately intrigued, I had to run downstairs to the computer to check the website out. Okay, so click on the pic to see the full ad. Then visit Bloody brilliant! :D

(And the ad achieved what it was meant to do: get me to their website. Bravo!)

P.S. Is anyone else reminded of the weird Marc Jacobs hat thingy from these hairpieces?
P.P.S. How many thought of Wendy the moment they saw the latex?


WendyB said...

LOL! Those are some sex-ay dresses!

G.G. said...

Heheheheheh :D

Worthington said...

i was equally as confused when i saw this ad in my... i think it was Elle but maybe it was even Harper's Bazaar. Threw me through a loop!