Friday, April 18, 2008

Yet Another Hayden Panettiere Bag for Dooney & Bourke

Every magazine you open, sooner or later you run into a D & B HP ad... I'm saying, "Enough!" The ads are all the same, and I'm sick of them. Worst of all, they're starting to make me tired of Hayden's pretty mug. Overexposure imminent, Hayden.

But, let's talk about the bag — saw it a few days ago in person. It is not great. This particular gold looks tinselly and gaudy, which is only magnified by the large size and design of the bag. If you're a quilted gold exercise slipper-wearing grandma with purple hair in Boca Raton, this bag is definitely for you. If you're a pretty modern city chick under the age of 50, RUN AWAY! Yes, it was that bad. Sorry Hayden, sorry D & B.



Valley Girl said...

Agreed, GG. I never understood what all the hype was about Hayden, anyway.

Lizzey said...

I love how the bag has Harry Potter initials on it. Maybe I'm just a nerd and that's all I think about.