Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Requesting Glam Girl Reader Help

I must admit I've been very fortunate — even as a teenager, I never suffered from acne. Sure, I'd have the occasional monster zit that resembled a horn and frightened away the villagers, but as a rule, I've always had great skin. My problem was always that my skin was very dry and sensitive.

Yet now, in my thirties, I've all of a sudden been beset by an aggressive onslaught of acne, as if my skin suddenly thought, "Hey, let's hit puberty!" As you can well guess, I'm entirely unprepared. I don't know what the best products and tricks are to exorcise this affliction away. My dermatologist is lately so busy pumping Botox into the foreheads of desperate housewives that it takes weeks to get an appointment.

I have a big to-do this weekend, so I need to look like a human being, instead of an ogre to be chased away with torches and pitchforks. I need help!! I'm open to any and all recommendations and suggestions. I want my skin back!

Thanks in advance,
GO (Glam Ogre)


Natalie said...

Lucky you for probably being the cute, clear skin girl in high school. I wasn't. But now it's under control.
Here's how:
Go to a natural foods store (or a Body Shop) and get the tea tree facial scrubs. Tea Tree oil kills the bacteria on your face, so the acne doesn't spread. I use Desert Essentials products and love them. I even have my husband hooked.
Then, get a spot treater. Clinique makes a great one that I just carry in my purse. DON"T POP -- I have scars on my cheeks from that. Just apply the lotion and move on with your day. If it's a particularly bad one, I usually put concealer over the acne cream. I KNOW that's bad, but c'mon, I don't want to walk around with a mega zit all day!

Wash your face often -- and get an oil-free lotion to put on it too, so that you still have lustrious skin. I heart Arbonne.

Good luck!!

Lee Ashley said...

Dear GG,

I would highly recommend getting a professional facial done to get things under control for the time being. Your aesthetician can also recommend a good product line. Besides, who could resist a "spa day"?

I second Natalie's recommendation for the Clinique spot solution -- it's fabulous! I think the key is to get going with a good regimen (cleanse, tone, hydrate) with a product line you like (I use Philosophy). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

proactive is the best. I had great skin throughout high school and college...then law school hit and bye bye good skin. Proactive is great..if you do all the steps twice a day it can dry your skin out, so I only do the three steps at night and sometime every other day in winter. I also just got this clean and clear stick at the drug store that creates a kind of film over the zit so that you can put make-up on over it. It def. helped with the spot treatment.
Another amazing drug store find is the Mint Julep Face Mask...every facialist loves it. its a true green mud mask, but it works so well. YOu can also, put just a dap on thh zit overnight and it will reduce it. If you absolutly need to get a zit gone, I've heard of getting a cortozone shot in the zit. Don't know if it works, but I've heard of people doing that for a zit before a wedding day.

Shoeaddict said...

I have dry, sensitive skin and I just started using Boscia. I LOVE it. I used Philosophy in my early 20s when I had acne.

Shemah said...

I think everyone above has given brilliant advice. All I have to say is "NO TOUCHY!!" no touching, no picking, no i'm-moving-my-hair-away-but-slightly-grazing-it-coz-i-can't-help-it kinda touch.

My late dad used to say, the more you touch it, the longer the pimple/acne stays because it's being loved! So ignore it, and it will leave! LOL!

Valley Girl said...

I concur with the Proactiv recommendation. It worked for me. However, its not for everybody--some people claim it dries out their skin. But its a good route if you think Retin A may be too strong for your skin. Good luck, sweetie!

Lydia said...

I have exzema on my face - not bad, just enough to give my cheeks some nice flush. I am partial to washing with Purity by Philosophy - and then Hope in a Jar - Philosophy has a good acne treatment - but I can't rememeber what its called. I've been told the Clinique stuff is good - I LOVE their eyemake-up (I wear contacts) - GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

I also have dry, sensitive skin and since I'm still in my 20s, I often have breakout problems.
The best (and cheapest!) advice I've received from a dermatalogist was to wash my face with a Dove bar of soap! It sounds abrasive, but the Dove "beauty bar" works great - even better than their "sensitive" face washes. It has kept my face clear without drying me out. I wash once in the morning, then follow with my Dove Deep Moisture facial lotion. I wash once more at night but don't usually apply the lotion.

I've heard good things about Philosophy as well, but I would suggest staying away from Proactiv. I used my roommate's for about 2 days and it was a DISASTER - turned my face into stone!
Good luck!

Umsy said...

I agree with Shemah about no touching it. Just leave it alone. Drinking lots of water helps...and you need to be healthy. Good diet and exercise...

G.G. said...

Thanks everyone for the product recommendations!!!!! Looks like I'm heading to the drugstore and to Nordstrom's, so I'll get these and try them. I do get regular facials and I exercise, but I am not diligent enough about the water-drinking... I'm gonna try to be good. Yeah, I once had a zit the size of Mount Vesuvius on my chin right before I was supposed to do a movie and I got cortizone injected directly into it and it does work, but I need to get the whole face under control. You guys are amazing, I'm ADORING YOU FIERCELY right now. THANK YOU!!!

mary said...

I did the acutane thing! My skin, however, was TERRIBLE, but the acutane lcleared it right up and now I seldom get them. I find the Garnier spot pens really work... I mean you should probably get to the root opf the problem but for quick fixes the spot pens take like two hours and the nastiest biatch of a pimple is gone.

Love the blog!

KT said...

OK, so I'm a little slow on the draw here but I SWEAR by
DDF Pumice Acne Scrub. Like you, my 30's have decided to be my "break out" years and not in a good way. This product helps a ton! Also, I used it in the shower to help with some peeling skin on my back from a sunburn and it was awesome for that too!


KT said...

One more! I absolutely LOVE the daily detoxifying facial toner by Bliss Spa.

Lynn Makris said...

Dear Glam Girl,
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