Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gossip Girl Prom Dress? Luella Delivers

$1,125 Luella Edith bustier dress

I've received a great many emails from our teen Glam Girls requesting help with picking a dress for the Prom. I'm still working on it — but here's something to whet your appetites. Remember the yellow dresses Serena and Jenny wore to the Masquerade on Gossip Girl? This Luella dress screams a similar inspiration, with a very "now" short take. Love it!  One of Luella's runway looks, it only arrived at Net-a-Porter today and is already beginning to sell out. The price tag is an ouchie, but looking never cost anything, right? :)



Anonymous said...

do you know where you can get something similar? a friend really wants this for prom!

Anonymous said...

i really want this dress for prom but in pink, do you know if i can still buy it anywere. pleaseee say yes :) x

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!!!!!! Im gonna be a brides maid on October, & U hav no idea how much I want this dress! But, not Net-a-Porter doesn't sell it!!!! This is very upsetting. If u can find it ANYWHERE, PLZ tell!