Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Glamorate It: CMT Music Awards Red Carpet Review

The CMT Country Music Awards took place yesterday, April 14, 2008. All in all, I would have worn maybe one or two of these dresses. Yawn!

Faith Hill

Faith Hill seems to have mistaken this for a Batwoman theme party. She's a beautiful woman, who can rock any gown she chooses — why did she go all Liza Minelli on us?!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole looked ravishing, don't you think? The scarlet red really suits her (and thank you for wearing the right lipstick, Nicole). But where did she hide the baby? She is as unpregnant-looking an expectant mother as any I've ever seen!


While not exactly awful, this lace dress makes me think of Sunday church dresses in the South in the 1990's. Seriously, people should stay away from wearing cutesy lace doilies — especially if they're no longer in their ingenue years.... Gaw, I feel mean, but someone had to say it!

Miley Cyrus

A very grown-up showing — gorgeous dress, hair and makeup. But I still think 16 year-olds should dress like 16 year-olds. What do you think?

LeAnn Rimes

Oh my. This 1920s dress is just not a good look for LeAnn. Painful!

Carrie Underwood

One-shoulder is in, but I'm not crazy about this dress, and the undergarment does bad things for Carrie, and I don't understand the reasoning behind wearing it — she has a nice body without underarmor! Plus, if you do red carpets on a regular basis, you really should get some coaching on how to stand and pose. I don't mean you need to hire Benny Ninja, but learning the basics wouldn't hurt!

Paula Abdul

Okay, this one takes the cake — Spiderman meets mermaid, and together they attack Paula Abdul. Horrid! An unusually tasteless showing, even for Paula. No, no, no!

Granted, nobody really expects high fashion from a country music awards show, but ugh! I need to go wash my eyes out with bleach now.

All photos: WireImage


Anonymous said...

i like paulas dress. she is taking risks, and i like that. she isnt trying to look like everyone else out there. and isnt that the point at a red carpet? to, somehow, stand out?

Elisabeth said...

Nicole looks wonderful; the colour is so glamourous.

As for the rest - no, no, no!

Shemah said...

I think Miley's dress is gorgeous.. but yeah, it's too "old" for her, somehow. Ditto on Nicole. Looks gorgeous but I too was wondering why she's not showing..

Lydia said...

I'd take Faith's shoes...they're pretty hot!
But thats about it...at least they don't all have HUGE hair like country stars used to - wait some of them still do!