Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Glam Ads: SS08 Valentino Coat and Bag

Continuing our series of "Ads for Ads' Sake", aka "Ads GG loves", we have this beautiful ad from Valentino in the March Harper's Bazaar.

How gorgeous is this Marilyn-pink coat with its divine collar and cuffs! The coat, from the SS08 prêt-à-porter collection, is actually embroidered leather! Or how about the burgundy croco bag, not to mention the ivory and pink floral scarf. The background of fuchsia and scarlet bougainvillea, combined with the strong chiaroscuro make this look like an edgy, modern sleeping beauty. The best ads to me are those which not only make you desire everything in the ad, but which also make you wish to be in the ad, know what I mean? I like ads which suggest a story, and this one suggests a clandestine affair in Rome in early May, like an old-fashioned Hollywood movie. Bravo!

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Alya said...

I liked this ad campaign. It has a whimseical appeal to it.. I saw some other ads from the same collection and theme but with other models. I think it was Sasha or Jessica Stam..

Elisabeth said...

*gasp* I want that coat!