Friday, April 11, 2008

Bad Hair Days Begone!

My hair has gotten really long, which on the one hand is delightful, on the other, a pain in the... scalp. Some mornings I wake up looking like a science experiment gone drastically wrong. I tried everything from satin pillowcases to Little House on the Prairie -style braid'em and cap'em, to no avail. No amount of expensive conditioners, detanglers and defrizzers helped me unlock the Gordian knot of my hair, let alone kept it from happening every single night.

After losing enough hair to make a few wigs, I had given up hope and was contemplating cutting my hair in a pixie cut, when my friend Andrea introduced me to a product that worked like magic:

"Johnson's Buddies easy-comb Detangler" from the BABY AISLE!  No, I'm not kidding. Nothing else worked, but this miracle product fixed my hair!!! My hair still tangles some mornings, but spritz-spritz and I can brush through it without pain or loss of huge amounts of hair.

I wouldn't have believed it myself, except that it really was the only thing that worked on my hair. And we're talking under $4.... I thought this was something that every Glam Girl ought to hear about.


Kaye said...

if only I had heard about this BEFORE I cut my hair! =D heh...but it's ok, it's not that short- it's a few inches below my shoulders but way shorter than what I'm use to...

I hope you're doing well!!

Kat said...

Wow... If only I wasn't allergic to Johnson's products. It makes my hair fall OUT.

G.G. said...

Kaye :D Thanks, I'm doing better!

Kat - really? What's in them that does that to you? Scary!

KARA said...

OMG I LOVE THE JOHNSON'S BUDDIES! people look at me like I'm crazy when I say it but it really works!!!

I added you to my blogroll. Maybe you could return the favor? Thanks!!


the princess said...

interesting, i will have to try that. can you just re-straighten with it or what?

Lydia said...

I've been told that....and I bought Freeman Pinapple mask - LOVE IT...$4 is the right price - and it smells YUMMY.

Alya said...

Ooh, definitely should try it.. I have long hair (more than shoulder length) and the best thing I do to avoid 'bed head' or tangled hair, is before going to bed:
1. I braid it
2. Or wrap it into a loose bun
3. Or tie it into a loose pony tail.

Guaranteed to work.

Worthington said...

I am ALL about Johnson and Johnsons No More Tangles. I still use that one in the traditional bottle. Maybe this one's formula is slightly different, not sure. Will have to check it out!!