Monday, April 21, 2008

Afford-a-Glam: Spring Yellows for Less

I don't know if Spring has yet hit your neck of the woods, but here at least last weekend was amazingly beautiful, warm and sunny for the most part. All the sunlight made me crave yellow, one of the top colors of Spring 2008.

Here are some of my favorite yellow items of the moment and their budget counterparts. Now, I'm not saying these are exact matches and, as usual, you get what you pay for in materials, design, and construction. That said, having a budget doesn't mean not having the opportunity to be fashionable. Oh, and please don't think for a moment I'm suggesting that you go head-to-toe yellow (please don't)!

Clicking on images will take you to the items



constant drama said...

Ohmygod!! That ROXY dress is tooo cute. Unfortunately yellow is not my colour....does it come in orange too?

G.G. said...

Sorry CD - it comes in a brown, but no orange. I'll keep an eye out for something similar in a melon/orange for you :)

Elisabeth said...

Damn, I love that dress!

Great selection of lemon yellow brights :-)

Lydia said...

I'm on a green kick this year...not sure why. But I am LOVING green.
Yellow doesn't really look good on me...but I do like those yellow sandals!

Sherry said...

Yellow is my new favourite colour. It's so spring/summer-y.

Katelin said...

I love love love the TIBI dress! Someone please get it for me :)