Monday, February 4, 2008

Shoes du Jour, or Glam Gimme Gimme!!!

$550 Miu Miu Floral Carved Sandals

For relaxation some people knit, some try out new recipes... me, I browse shoes. I know you do too, admit it. Here's some eye candy for today. Who loves ya? :P

Zinc Josie

Donna Karan 883923

Betsey Johnson Cayden

Just Sweet Addiction

ABS by Allen Schwartz Attribute
$129.95 Endless

Givenchy 583984
533.95 Zappos

Carlos by Carlos Santana Battle
$98.95 Endless

Boutique 9 Relish

Oh Deer! Sundae
$129.95 Endless

Christian Louboutin Noeudette Gisa
$740 Saks



Elisabeth said...

Oh, the carved Miu Miu's are just the pick me up I need... shame I don't have that sort of cash currently to hand!

Pomegranate said...

I love the Donna Karan ones..

capitolagirl said...

The Betsey's are Faaabulous!

LADY said...

Wow....those Miu Miu shoes....

bitterbabe said...

OMG i am SO IN LOVE WITH those OH DEER ones! and i am a SUCKER for BJ!

bitterbabe said...

I voted you for an honorary You Make My Day blog award!

Kat said...

I love those CL Noeudette Gisa's. I have a pink dress they would look awesome with. :) I browse shoes when I need to relax and then freak out later when I couldn't help myself and realised I bought 2 pairs.

Valley Girl said...