Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Runway Ep. 13 - Finale Part I. Chris is Auf'd

Went to a party last night, so I only just watched last night's episode of Project Runway, and I have to say I am molto upset. While I think Rami deserved a slot at Bryant Park based on past performance, I think Chris's 3 pieces last night were stronger. The judges were beyond hypocritical, calling his pieces too costumey. Excuse me, weren't you the same people who put Laura in the top 4 last time?? And is that what you say about Galliano as well? Jerks!

Chris's 3 pieces were fabulous — 1920s-inspired femme fatale looks, all of which I would wear tomorrow. Here's a montage from YouTube, showing Chris's looks, including the last three.

Chris, you just tell me where and when you open your store and I will be there.



chrissie said...

I've never watched Project Runway, but I may have to start. The last three outfits and the second couture-like one especially are gorgeous!

Poster Girl said...

I absolutely loved Chris's #2 look. For some reason, the human hair thing didn't bother me too much. It was weird, but somewhat appealing, too. As long as no humans were harmed in the making of the garments!

Miss Halfway said...

I completely agree with you! And you know what really bothered me? If you look up the bios for the designers, Rami's client list is long and full of starlets. He has his own shop of sorts, but he's on Project Runway?? It just doesn't make sense to me.

I absolutely adored [and still do] Chris. The human hair thing really didn't bother me, he could've just changed it to fake fur or something!

mzchief said...

I have NEVER watched Project Runaway. However, EVERYONE of this guys designs are OUTSTANDING and VERY wearable, even the Crazy Couture gown minus the floppy ruffle sail fin. I want the purple charmeuse halter gown with the gold bow at the nap of the neck, the silver gray taffeta gown with the huge ruched sleeve and the halter top with the hair skirt outfit.

Incidentally, if it takes someone shooting Heidi Klum in the face to keep her from making those MORONIC expressions, I will volunteer. I had no idea Heidi was SUCH a rude sow.

Anonymous said...

G.G., I had to such some of my old post to find you and I am soooo glad I did. I just knew you had been watching Project Runway this season. Anyway, I hate that Chris went home but I was looking on Bravo's website and they have Final Collections for not only Christen, Jillian and Rami but Sweet Pea and Chris also. Does anyone know what that's about.

Mzchief, I think the facial expressions she makes this season is her attempt to toughen up as a judge. She said something about her attitude towards the designers during the reunion special last week. She does look really ditzy when she makes those faces and blurts out whatever is on her blond mind.

Anyway, I'll definitely be watching the finale. I'll check you out later.

Ms. Mills

cassie said...

chris was my favorite too!
that would make my LIFE if he opened a store sometime :D

Lydia said...

Some of the designers made collections to compete online. People vote who wins $10,000.
I'm currently watching the marathon....Christian CRACKS me up! And Chris' laugh is HILARIOUS. And if Romy drapes one more piece of flippin fabric....I'll shoot him myself!

Jenny DeMilo said...

Oh hell yeah! Chris' stuff was much stronger. I call bullshit!

Lavon said...

Romi designs were Ok.

Chris designs were Fierce!

The human hair does not freak me out any more than fur which is animal hair!