Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Marilyn, Lohan, and Hilfiger: The Difference Between Aping and Homage

I kept thinking about why Lohan posing as Marilyn bothered me to the degree it did/does. I think the main reason is as Glam Girl Miss Halfway said in the comments: "I don't think a true diehard fan would try to recreate the shoot. Only Marilyn could do it, and no one can copy how she did it."

Exactly. If it had been a shoot "inspired by", I would have just thought, "poor deludenoid," but I wouldn't have been so shaken and repulsed. What that shoot did was ape, steal, and sully.

It is entirely different to do a shoot inspired by something, evoking the original, but not an outright mimic. Then, the new work of art stands on its own two feet and, by giving a nod to the original inspiration, elevates it, instead of dragging it down.

The current ad campaign for DREAMING, the new Tommy Hilfiger perfume, does just that. It too, is obviously inspired by the same Bert Stern "Last Sitting" of Marilyn Monroe, but the ads don't ape, they don't copy. They create something new and beautiful, giving graceful respect to the work that went before. These are photos that do Marilyn proud, instead of cheapening her memory:

Hilfiger ads scanned in from March 2008 Glamour


Chic and Charming said...

While I do agree that Lindsay does not live up to Marilyn...I read that this shoot was not her idea. I think that the photographer/magazine approached her with the idea and she just signed on because it was an incredible opportunity to work with a photographer she admired on a salute to an actress she adored.

The stylists and photographer did not do Marilyn or Lindsay any favors with this shoot...but like Wendy said in your other post...much of it is not really her fault.

PS-that wig is awful!

Punch-Drunk said...

Well put...I agree w/the whole L-Lo's just NOT Marylin....however these adds are tastefully done and a true compliment.

Miss Halfway said...

While I do agree that it wasn't Lindsay's idea, but she could have said no to doing it in respect for Marilyn, or at least make a request that they shake it up a bit; you know?

The Tommy Hilfiger adds are great; inspired yet they have a style of their own.

And thank you for the mention haha.

the princess said...

funny, i was thinking about you and yesterdays post today. i was thinking about the comment wendyb made, and what I felt about the pics. today's post cleared the air. here it is: it's not that lindsay is an ugly person and shouldn't have those kind of pics taken, just that it was a complete rip-off of something that was done to perfection the first time. i also agree that it was the decisions of others around lindsay that made things worse.

the hilfiger ad is gorgeous!

Glamour Mom said...

This is for you ladies... you can have a good laugh:

Dina Lohan - 'Lindsay's Nude Shoot Was Tasteful Art'