Friday, February 8, 2008

Lipstick Jungle, Let's Chat

Okay, the first episode looks promising. All shows are a little rusty in the beginning , but I have high hopes for this one. Brooke Shields was solid, Lindsay Price was adorable (although I don't vouch for her acting skills — I mean, how BAD was that fake crying in the hotel room in Japan?!), and Kim Raver showed some real acting chops as the lonely wife who gets charmed by a 25 year-old. And let's talk about him! Robert Buckley, whom I had never run across before, but who made my body temp SOAR! Pretty!

The first episode already threw in lots of pending conflict, lots of romances and anti-romances, career highs and lows. I think this show could become a must-watch. At least they have me next Thursday. I also thought the clothes looked more promising than on Cashmere Mafia.

If you missed it last night, you can watch the whole episode on

What did you think? And how does it compare to Cashmere Mafia in your opinion?


Lys said...

It's my new "must see" show. Loved it and Cashmere - what's Cashmere ;)

moonshine said...

Doesn't Robert Buckley look exactly like Scott Speedman?!?

Clotheshorse said...

I loved Lipstick Jungle and am excited to see a more episodes. I am not a fan of Cashmere Mafia at all, I thought the show was actually degrading to women and completely cliched so I was happy to see that Lipstick Jungle was much better.

Big Shot said...

I went to college with Rob. So funny that he's such a big deal now. But I am very excited for him. One of the very few people I know who decided to act and did it.

Flair said...

I did a quick review on Lipstick Jungle too on my blog! Its not Sex and The City, but I'll watch it for now.
Why are they all filthy rich?