Thursday, February 14, 2008

Glamorate It: Weekly Red Carpet Review

Big week! Movie premieres, Berlin Film Festival, ELLE Style Awards. Let's get right to it!

Lily Allen, 12 February 2008
ELLE Style Awards 2008, London

Talk about going late 1940s pin-up and doing it with style! Love everything about this look for her.

Agyness Deyn, 12 February 2008
ELLE Style Awards 2008, London

Her Royal Agyness must be the essence of cool. I couldn't in my wildest dreams come up with this outfit, nor pull it off, but she sure can!

Keira Knightley, 12 February 2008
ELLE Style Awards 2008, London

Ok, the dress is interesting, but makeup is ungh, and somebody explain to me what is with the Jehovah's witness hairdo!

Michelle Ryan, 12 February 2008
ELLE Style Awards 2008, London

I'm so used to seeing her in jeans and leather jacket on Bionic Woman, that I was stunned! I like the look, though the bottom half of the dress is a bit too peasanty for my taste.

Kate Hudson, 12 February 2008
ELLE Style Awards 2008, London

Okay, great dress but it's too old for her. And whoever did this makeup deserves to be FLOGGED!!

Mischa Barton, 12 February 2008
ELLE Viper Awards 2008, London

I had to think about this for a long time... something about this look disquiets me. I like the top and love the necklace, but somehow they don't gel. What's more, that dress is just a tad too short for her, and I don't like the whole mini ruffle effect. It's like the top and bottom of the outfit are speaking in different languages, without a translator.

Rachel Weisz, 12 Feb 2008
"Definitely, Maybe" New York Premiere

Oy! I'm sorry. I can't get behind this particular silver silk dress. The cut is not very flattering for her (especially the nihilistic neckline), and the effect of the bright red patent obi (which is so shiny it looks like a plastic tire) just does not wash. Now if she had done a wide leather belt in say a midnight blue or dark steel... Also, if you're doing fire-engine red all over the place, why on EARTH would you go stick on purplish-fuchsia lipstick?! Caused me pain, that bit, I tell ya.

Isla Fisher, 12 Feb 2008
"Definitely, Maybe" New York Premiere

Guilty again. Isla Fisher's taste level is often in question. Woman! We know you have boobs! Now put them away! Seriously. There is a difference between "sexy classy" and "sexy Hollywood Boulevard."

Penelope Cruz, 10 February 2008
Berlin International Film Festival

She loves her couture gowns with trains and layers. This one isn't one of my Penelo-faves, but she still pulls it off and looks smouldering.

Shu Qi, 7 February 2007
Berlin International Film Festival

She looks like a rosebud in this dress. If I saw this dress on the rack, I'd shrug, but on her it's fab. Good work!

Goldie Hawn, 10 February 2008
Berlin International Film Festival

No, I'm not being mean. This was the best of every single shot of her. I know! Something went wrong with her last plastic surgery and she cannot smile normally. Hope it's passing. As for the outfit, Goldie, you're what, almost 60? You don't stick on a cotton jersey dress cut down to your navel, so that we can see your bra. Ugh. Also, give serious consideration to sunbathing less.

Madonna, 13 February 2008
Berlin International Film Festival

Fantastic 1930s inspired chiffon dress. With the hair and makeup, she's pulling off a Carole Lombard. Nice! Also, can somebody please tell me where to get those divine shoes?! (Closeup)

So, whatcha think?

All photos: WireImage


Elisabeth said...

Love Lily Allen's look here.

It's such a shame she lost her baby :(

G.G. said...

Oh no! I hadn't heard (;_;)

chrissie said...

I'm not sure where to get Madonna's shoes, but I believe that they are Christian Dior, as I've seen similar in their Spring ad campaign.


Anonymous said...

yes, the shoes are Dior;) I believe you can buy them at my prestigue

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