Sunday, February 24, 2008

Glamorate It: 2008 Oscar Red Carpet in Review

The Oscars, as you might have guessed by now are my favorite! I was in my happy place all evening! The Oscars certainly didn't let us down this year — there were so many excellent gowns that we'll have to make this a supersized edition of Glamorate It. Hollywood Golden Age glamour ruled, mermaid trains and red gowns dominated, and one-shoulder dresses proved popular. As usual, the images are small and can be enlarged by clicking. Now, let's talk amongst ourselves :)

Heidi Klum

Heidi looks stunning in this red silk taffeta show stopper from Galliano. But, my pet peeve — wrong lipstick! And I'm sorry, but that hair is downright dorky — dorky in 1963, dorky in 2008. But the dress rocks.

George Clooney and Sarah Larson

Clooney always brings his impeccable Cary Grant style onto the red carpet, but this time he also brought his girlfriend, which for him is highly unusual. Her hair and makeup are lovely, but I can't get behind this dress — it's like a Monet painting attacked my great-aunt's living room curtains.

Anne Hathaway

Gorgeous red Marchesa gown, tasteful accessories. Well done, Anne, great improvement over last year's Valentino boob-bow dress.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is not known for her fashion sense (remember that repulso leopard hideosity from last year?) and this pumpkiny-orangey-yellow chiffon dress is no exception. Hard to believe it's Roberto Cavalli. Ugh! And the baglady hair just topped off the experience.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams always looks flawless. Beautiful 1930s mermaid dress by Proenza Schouler in a dark green, makeup and hair to match. Homerun!

Cameron Diaz

What a fabulous Dior gown by Galliano in soft blush pink silk. I love the folds and the train. Her hair was a bit sloppy on a ponytail more suited to going to the gym than the red carpet, plus her neck was much too bare for my liking.

Dame Helen Mirren

I wasn't crazy about this dress on the red carpet, but boy did I change my mind when I saw it on stage under the lights — the glimmer was staggering. I was right there with Daniel Day-Lewis when he bowed at her feet. I want to rock the Oscars when I'm 60-something too!

Hilary Swank

Unbelievably gorgeous beaded details on this gown. Hilary Swank looked radiant when presenting the memorial for talents lost in the past year. Great hair and makeup. She has been consistently wonderful this year. My compliments.

Marion Cotillard

This Jean-Paul Gaultier mermaid gown complete with fish scale -like details and tail was completed by Marion's 1930s hair and makeup. A flawlessly stellar look on a gorgeous woman who just happens to be one of the most talented female actors of our era. This is textbook Old Hollywood Glamour!

Jennifer Garner

This black Oscar de la Renta gown is very unassuming at the top, but look at the flared hem with its rows of pleats! The diamond necklace offers a perfect complement to the dress and the hair manages to look relaxed and elegant at once. A very classy showing.

Cate Blanchett

I hated the neckline of this dress — downright ugly. And although the deep blue color of this embroidered silk gown is very flattering on Cate, it was too short in the front. Finally, her hair was much too casual and unflattering for her. Cate, you're slipping as our queen!

Jessica Alba

She is one of those women who'd look good even in a potato sack, but I just don't think the color of this Marchesa gown is the best we've seen on her, nor am I crazy about the feathers on her. However, it's not a weak showing by any means. I did take exception to the horrid gold bangle earrings she wore, not a good choice in the least.

Kristin Chenoweth

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Wicked's Tony Award winning actress Kristin Chenoweth looked charming in this Armani Prive chiffon mermaid gown. Makeup, hair, and accessories were perfection. The choice to have her perform one of the nominated songs from Enchanted makes me think you might see Enchanted: The Musical at a Broadway theater near you very soon...

Katherine Heigl

This girl never disappoints in the glamour department! This fiery Escada gown complete with Carole Lombard hair and blazing lipstick once again land her top points. The only minor criticism I had was that the makeup artist used bronzer instead of blush — it was a bit too brown in shade and there was a tad too much.

Adrienne Frantz

Frankly my dears, I don't know this soap opera actress from Adam, but she has my vote to play Mae West, should a biopic crop up. What a fabulous gown! Gaudy, to be sure, but brilliantly so.

Miley Cyrus

This 15 year-old rocks it in a red Valentino dress from his final collection. She looks ladylike yet still age-appropriate. Very good!

Penelope Cruz

I feel like we keep seeing the same thing from Penelope Cruz. This pseudo-Victorian silhouette is lovely, but I can't get excited about the feathers at the bust, and her makeup is too colorless to balance off a black dress. There's nothing wrong with this look, per se, but it's a somewhat wan showing.

Rosamund Pike

This dress is like a poor man's imitation of Cate Blanchett's yellow Valentino gown at the 2005 Oscar's. The worst aspect of this dress is the addition of peplums at the waist, IGH! And her hairdresser must have really hated her to give her this horrid Salvation Army part and ponytail. Rosamund Pike is a stunningly beautiful woman, even more so in real life, and whoever counseled her to go with this look deserves to be reamed over hot coals.

Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee could give lessons on how to be glamorous while remaining age appropriate. 83 years old, ladies! We should all look this fantastic at her age!

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Depp looks unusually dapper and Paradis channels Marlene Deitrich in this 1930s-inspired dress. Not crazy about the parson's knot around Depp's neck, but he's Johnny Depp, he can pretty much do whatever he wants.

Jennifer Hudson

I think Jennifer Hudson did well with this white Greek goddess number. Such an improvement over that horrid little bolero number from last year. While I wasn't crazy about the bangs, the hair was very elegant in the back and her makeup and jewelry suited her well.

Tilda Swinton

We're more used to seeing Tilda Swinton in suits than in dresses, only in the past year has she branched out to gowns. This black silk satin gown is very much late 1920s Greta Garbo or Norma Shearer and highlights Swinton's unique and statuesque beauty.

Keri Russell

The shape and style of this dress suited her well, but the putty color just did not flatter her skintone, robbing her of all color and making her face look pale and drawn. Brighter makeup might have improved the situation somewhat but, all in all, I would have counseled her to go for a dress better suited to her coloration. Lukewarm at best.

Nicole Kidman

The dress, in one word, boring. And what is with the schoolmarm hairdo? It might have worked for Tippi Hedren in The Birds, but it's not working here. But of all things hideous, what is with that necklace? I'm sure it's on loan for a million bazillion dollars, but it simply looks like rhinestone curtain trim $2.99/yd at JoAnne Fabrics. A poor, un-Nicole-worthy showing. Boo!

Renee Zellwegger

Welcome back, Renee! Gabriel and I both started singing "Roxy Hart" when she came on the screen. She has not looked this good since "Chicago" — out-and-out Jean Harlow movie goddess glamour. The way this Carolina Herrera gown glittered on stage was blindingly delicious. Bravo Renee! Bravo!

So what did you think? Who were your favorites and least favorites?


Ginevra M. said...

Love love love Marion Cotillard, Amy Adams, and Miley Cyrus. And like I've said before, Dame Helen Mirren has age appropriate award show dressing down. Julie Christie should have taken note.

Fastidious Babe said...

Heigl, Swank and Renee totally rocked the red carpet!

chrissie said...

I think Cameron Diaz looked beautiful. The origami look of her dress was so classy, and the light pink colour was unexpected and stood out amongst all of the more 'serious' shades out there.

On the other end of the spectrum, but no less beautiful, was Renee, who managed to wear tons of sparkles and a thigh-high slit and avoid looking trashy. I loved them both!

Flair said...

Great recap!! My favorites of the night were Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garnier, & Katherine Heigl.

Lydia said...

I thought Katherine Heigl looked SO Hollywood glam! I thought Jennifer looked GREAT, but her hair bothered me when she was presenting. And I didn't think Jennifer Hudson's dress fit her well. Those "girls" need some more support than that dress was giving her!

Miss Halfway said...

Marion Cotillard, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, and Vanessa Paradis are the best, in my opinion.

Am I the only one who noticed how scary-skinny Renee has become? I was shocked!

And I don't mean to sound rude, but, why was Miley Cyrus there? Sorry, it just seemed.... Strange.

Anonymous said...

Hedi looked gorgeous.

Miss Halfway said...

Oh! And Kristin Chenoweth looked amazing.

A very good Oscar night, in my opinion.

KT said...

Jennifer Garner looked truly beautiful. But what HAPPENED to John Travolta's head? Maybe his wife didn't get her hair done in time because she was too busy spraying his hair on??? The way he looked was disturbing!

G.G. said...

Thanks for all the comments Glam Gals, loved reading every one of them :)

KT - I know! He was like a warning example of bad hairplugs. You'd think he'd have enough money to get good ones... or maybe Tom Cruise could do some scientology mojo and make it grow miraculously :P

WendyB said...

Whew! You're a tough judge :-)

G.G. said...

You think? I thought I was quite gentle this time :) Someone gave me the appellation "The Queen of Snark" on some blog, but I think I'm a right ol' puttytat :P

Miss Halfway said...

I don't know G.G., if Tom Cruise could find a way to make John's hair grow, I think Tom would be taller by now :P

G.G. said...

Miss Halfway -- heheheheheh!

Tea Lady said...

penelope cruise!!!

caught_in_the_undertow said...

cate blanchett's neckline... it was actually a necklace. but still, it looked bad. :P