Monday, February 18, 2008

Glam Review: Freeman Beauty Avocado Clay Mask

These days we spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars a year on beauty products. It's very surprising, to say the least, that my current favorite costs $4. Yes, $4! I was at the store looking for refills for the Oil of Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths (which I simply cannot live without), and on the shelf right above was this silly-looking turquoise and purple tube and I decided to give it a try.

When I put it on, it really looked like nuclear guacamole goop all over my face, turning me instantaneously into Jim Carrey from "The Mask". I had expected the texture to be more 'clay-y', but instead it was smooth, like watered-down toothpaste, and it smelled really yummy. It said to let it dry, so I went to browse for shoes (this is the part where you feign surprise). When I felt all crackly and tight, I went back to the bathroom to be greeted with a vision of myself in 100 years, if I had turned into a mummy who had dried up pea soup all over her face. Promising!

Well, I jumped in the shower, and would you know it, when I washed it off, my face squeaked — I mean, really made a squeaky sound. I had one of those "Heureka!" moments that one gets in the bath/shower; my face was quite literally squeaky clean. Okay, well it sounded better when I first thought it. You had to be there. Anyway, what my point is, is that this little $4 purchase cleansed my pores to feel clean and soft like a baby's bum. $4! Maybe it's the oatmeal that they put in it.

I have dry, sensitive skin, which in the winter means that I have to moisturize like mad to keep it from falling off (no, not funny). The moisturizing in turn leads to zits (remember that zit the cute pseudo-lesbian had on Cashmere Mafia a few weeks ago? Yeah, I have one on my forehead that looks like I'm a devil waiting for the other horn to grow in). It becomes a vicious cycle of moisturize, get zit, kill zit with salicylic acid, get dry, moisturize... you know the rest.

This product is great. I'm allergic to everything, and I was a little nervous trying it, but I'm also foolhardy, and I can't resist trying things. I'm tickled pink with my new face. So next time you're in the grocery store, drugstore, or what-have-you, try for yourself. The Freeman peeps (I never heard of these guys before, have you?) also seem to sell it online, if you can't find it near you (link).


Lydia said...

I've used their stuff before. It was ALL GOOD. And I was quite tempted to eat some of it in a drunken haze one night....thats how good some of it smelled! Glad it worked for you.

G.G. said...

Definitely trying some more of their stuff! What do you recommend, Lyd?

Lydia said...

I've used one of their footcreams and scrub, I think I had an apricot face scrub that was good. I'd have to look at their website again and see...its been a while, and I think they've changed their packaging. But I did like it - I think I was tempted to eat some type of berry lotion...but it was a pretty hazy night a LONG time ago! (And-how did you know that people call me Lyd?)

G.G. said...

Thanks! Ok, I'll look for something with berries that makes me want to eat it, LOL. I didn't know people call you Lyd, I just felt like calling you that. Is that okay? :)