Thursday, February 21, 2008

America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 Begins

I spent all of last night on the couch watching TV. This horrible cold weather we're having has attacked my sinuses and I'm flying to LA tomorrow, which might get painful, so wish me luck.

ANTM started last night with the Model Prep School. If you missed it, you didn't really miss much, just join in next week. The models were weeded down to 14, and there are some strong contenders by the looks of it. The first episode doesn't really show much or tell much, but it seems there are also some pretty interesting personalities in the mix, so volatility is bound to ensue.

My top two, solely on the basis of the first show (which showed barely nothing) are Fatima and Claire, but it's still early:



Who were your top picks?

Pics: CWTV


Jill said...

I like Allison & Fatima, although I think the show is going to exploit Fatima's story to the core.

G.G. said...

FGM is definitely a subject that deserves more publicity and dialogue, so that one day it can be obliterated as a practice of ritual violence against women. But I do know what you mean - the show is probably going to milk it and spin it and use it shamelessly.

Anonymous said...

I like Claire and Whitney a lot. I'm not sure why they brought Marvita back again this season. She just does not look like a model to me.

I appreciate the fact that over the past few seasons, they try to incorporate important issues. I was thrilled that they had Heather on last season and the sort of role model she was for other girls with autism.

That's not to say that I want girls to concentrate on their physical appearance to generate self worth, I'm just proud of Heather for stepping outside her box and doing things that a person with autism really finds difficult.

jewelstreet said...

Oh, oh! I haven't seen it yet as I have to watch it on my computer, but I'm excited that their is a girl who spells her name the same as I do-Aimee. It used to be very unusual.